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bworld Fire station with Land Rover Defender and fireman #62701



For the wide array of BRUDER fire service vehicles there is now the new bworld fire station as a coordinating site. At the incident control center, the fireman can coordinate and track every mission using state-of-the-art equipment. The BRUDER Land Rover pick-up is a versatile service vehicle with legendary off-road capabilities to get to incidents as quickly as possible. Between deployments the BRUDER fireman can relax at the break room on the first floor. With the new themed sets you can dive even deeper into the world of Bruder. Printed wall elements with easy to- mount adjustable feet now form the space for even more reality when playing and the new shelving system can also interact with the elements.


- 3 background elements printed on both sides with adjustable feet
- 1 printed intermediate floor
- Staircase with banister
- Pole with handle
- 1 bworld firefighter with accessories
- Incident control center with office chair and control panel
- Wall shelving unit with shelves and brackets
- Platform
- Light and sound module (universal), item #02802

Further Info:
- All bworld background elements can be combined with each other

Including Land Rover pick-up fire service vehicle:
- Doors can be opened
- Engine bonnet can be opened
- Spring-loaded front steered and rear axles

General Information:
- Recommended age: Suitable from 4 years and up for playing indoors and outdoors
- Manufactured from high-quality ABS plastic
- Made in Bruder Germany
- Scale 1:16

Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Price: $78.25
bworld Fire station with Land Rover Defender and fireman #62701
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