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SCANIA R-Series UPS logistics truck with forklift - #03581


The Scania R-Series is a synonym for cost-efficiency and dynamism. The globally operating shipping service provider UPS also relies on this powerful truck. In this process, the container body of the vehicle can be broken down to individual parts and features swing doors at the rear. An additional, outstanding option of this vehicle is the interchangeable unit that can be automatically released from the vehicle by pulling it out and extending the outriggers to jack up the container and enable the truck to move away from the unit. The cab follows Scania's typical, dynamic design. Folding outside mirrors and glazing made of high-quality plastic are a given, as are opening doors or the option to install the Light and Sound Module.


Drivers Cab:
- Folding outside mirrors
- Doors can be opened

Automotive Body:
- Fold out support legs
- Rear doors can be opened
- Container can be released from the truck and stand alone

- Tread Tires

Further Information:
- Install the Light and Sound Module (Item 02801/02802) to enhance your toy
- Lorry-mounted forklift with steering, lifting mast, cable deflector, tilt function, adjustable fork width and profiled tires

- Compatible with figure
- Manufactured from high-quality plastics such as ABS
- Made in Germany
- Scale 1:16

Recommended Age: 4+ Years

Availability: Usually ships the next business day
Price: $97.50
SCANIA R-Series UPS logistics truck with forklift - #03581
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